1. Let Our Steakhouse Cater Your Next Big Event

    Yes, friends and neighbors, you did read that right! Your favorite steakhouse in San Jose can cater your next big event. Chances are you’ve been by to enjoy a steak dinner and if you did, you’ve probably made it a point to swing back by on a regular basis. Whether you fell in love with our awesome outdoor patios, the abundance of televisions (always playing your favorite games), or the ability…Read More

  2. With Weather in the Upper 70s, Now is the Time to Visit Grill ‘Em

    The weather in San Jose has been truly incredible lately! Sunny skies and temperatures into the upper 70s means that summer is right around the corner. And who doesn’t love summer? As spring continues rolling along, we’ll be excited to have more guests on the patio outdoors. If you’ve never visited us before, you may not know this, but Grill ‘Em has an incredible outdoor patio. That’s ri…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons We’re the Best Steakhouse in San Jose

    If you’re looking for a local steakhouse that has exactly what you’re looking for, Grill ‘Em ought to suit the bill perfectly! It’s one thing to say that we’re the best steakhouse in San Jose and another thing entirely to show you why we’re the best. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re bringing our readers three of the biggest reasons that we think we’re the absolute best at what…Read More

  4. Looking for a Steakhouse Happy Hour Menu That’ll Knock Your Socks Off?

    Our steakhouse is already well known amongst our customers for grilling the perfect steak (or letting them grill it themselves) at Grill ‘Em, but did you know that we have a pretty killer happy hour menu as well? Believe it or not, our happy hour menu is poised to give our steaks a run for their money! Or, you know, you can swing by for happy hour (which, by the way, happens twice a day every si…Read More

  5. Why Your Current Favorite Steakhouse Can’t Compare to Grill ‘Em

    San Jose residents are pretty lucky, you know. There are a number of wonderful restaurants that will serve you some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life. Luckily for you, if you’re looking for a new favorite local steakhouse that will keep you coming back, your search will end at Grill ‘Em! What does the perfect steak dinner look like to you? What’s your ideal atmosphere for a res…Read More

  6. Come on Down to the Best Steakhouse in San Jose

    If you’re looking for a local steakhouse that serves up the perfect steak dinner, look no further than Grill ‘Em. Whether you’re visiting to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, coming out for dinner and drinks after a long day of work, or are out on the town and ended up at our steakhouse “just because,” we’re sure that you’ll have a great time from the moment you walk in and leave w…Read More

  7. How About a Steak This Holiday Season?

    Here at Grill ‘Em, we’re the steakhouse that strives to be a little different. Rare or well done? At our local steakhouse, you get to choose what the words “perfect steak” mean to you! Just because Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to a killer steak dinner. After all, this is the season of thankfulness, and here at Grill …Read More

  8. What You’re Missing In Your Steakhouse Experience

    Here at Grill ‘Em, we want to be the San Jose steakhouse that’s a little bit different from the rest of the pack. Are other steakhouses bad? Absolutely not! In fact, most of them are pretty darned good. We just want to create an atmosphere in our steakhouse that’s a bit out of the ordinary. How do we do that, you ask? Well, first of all, we want our customers to be happy. In addition to the …Read More

  9. Steak the Way You Want It

    If you’re looking for the best steakhouse in San Jose, look no further than Grill ‘Em! What makes it the best, you ask? Great question. Thankfully the answer is simple. We’re the only steakhouse that lets you have steak the way you want it. Perhaps you’re the type of person who loves your steak burnt to a crisp and loves unique taste you get from a steak that’s well done. Maybe you’re …Read More

  10. What Makes Our San Jose Steakhouse Different? We’re Glad You Asked!

    San Jose residents are incredibly lucky to enjoy the number of wonderful restaurants that we do and here at Grill ‘Em, we’re proud to be your go-to steakhouse. Whether you’re in the mood for nacho rolls (yes, they’re as good as they sound) or a firecracker shrimp sandwich (also as good as it sounds), you’re going to leave absolutely blown away by the flavor party in your mouth. What’s …Read More