1. Let Our Steakhouse Cater Your Next Big Event

    Yes, friends and neighbors, you did read that right! Your favorite steakhouse in San Jose can cater your next big event. Chances are you’ve been by to enjoy a steak dinner and if you did, you’ve probably made it a point to swing back by on a regular basis. Whether you fell in love with our awesome outdoor patios, the abundance of televisions (always playing your favorite games), or the ability…Read More

  2. What’s the Best Way to Grill a Steak?

    You already know that our steak house menu is the best in all of San Jose, but there’s another question that needs answering. Luckily for you, we’re going to come out of the gate swinging today in order to answer one of the greatest questions of our time. What’s the best way to grill a steak, you ask? However you like it! The beauty of Grill ‘Em is that we know that cooking steak on the gr…Read More