San Jose residents are pretty lucky, you know. There are a number of wonderful restaurants that will serve you some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life. Luckily for you, if you’re looking for a new favorite local steakhouse that will keep you coming back, your search will end at Grill ‘Em!

What does the perfect steak dinner look like to you? What’s your ideal atmosphere for a restaurant to have? What do you want to watch while you’re eating?

At Grill ‘Em, you get a steakhouse that provides you with the most perfect experience you’re likely to have in San Jose or anywhere else.


Grill ‘Em is Your Go-To Steakhouse in San Jose

When you want a great steak, a great atmosphere, and a great game on the television, look no further than Grill ‘Em. Our steakhouse is unique in that it allows you to be the gatekeeper of your own steak destiny.

You heard that right. Grilling the perfect steak is easy at Grill ‘Em. You pick the steak you prefer, then take advantage of our grill. Prefer your steak extra crispy? Maybe you’d like it extra pink on the inside? Our steakhouse lets you grill your steak the way you want it.

Rather sit back and let us grill up the perfect steak dinner for you? We can do that too! Whether you prefer our Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Porterhouse, or Rib Eye (or some Ron Swanson-like combination of a few of the above), you’ll find it at Grill ‘Em.

Other steak restaurants just can’t compare.

What’s On Our Steakhouse Menu?

Whichever steak you prefer, you’re more than welcome to add a side. Go with a classic like a baked potato, some garlic fries, or sauteed vegetables, or mix it up with mac and cheese or linguine alfredo. Like we said, at our steakhouse, you get to pick the rules.

Maybe you’re craving a steak, but your significant other doesn’t like the sound of that. He or she is sure to be swayed when they hear about our Nacho Rolls or our Teriyaki Short Rib Sandwich. Or “The Monster” Jucy Lucy that’s topped with crispy bacon, sauteed garlic mushrooms, onion strings, and a side of jalapenos. How’s that for a burger?

We offer some truly incredible weekly specials as well. From $6 Wings to Bottomless Mimosas, there’s something special going on at our steakhouse all the time.

If you find that football has to be on the menu wherever you go, take note that we have 10 HDTVs and NFL Sunday Ticket, so whatever game you need to watch, you’ll find it at Grill ‘Em.

The Perfect Steak Dinner is Just a Click Away

Your mouth is watering at this point, isn’t it? You’re not alone. But if you can’t make it out of the house, we have you covered. The best steakhouse in San Jose delivers right to your door! Order online and you’ll get the perfect steak dinner without having to stop that Netflix binge.

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