San Jose residents are incredibly lucky to enjoy the number of wonderful restaurants that we do and here at Grill ‘Em, we’re proud to be your go-to steakhouse. Whether you’re in the mood for nacho rolls (yes, they’re as good as they sound) or a firecracker shrimp sandwich (also as good as it sounds), you’re going to leave absolutely blown away by the flavor party in your mouth. What’s better than that? Well, depending on your mood, we may have a great idea for you.

Our Steakhouse Lets You Have Steak Your Way

Our San Jose steakhouse is a cut above the rest.How about grilling your own steak? After all, you know exactly how you like your steaks, right? Then by all means, come on in to Grill ‘Em and grill away! We’ve got a six foot by two-and-a-half foot grill for you to use. That means that you can grill your steak to perfection and leave the cleaning to us. That’s right, friends and neighbors. Trust us when we say that it’s as fun as we’re making it sound. Our steak house offers you your choice of steak and a number of different sides that will blow your mind.

We’ve also got breakfast. Breakfast at a steakhouse? You heard us right! Whether you’re a pancakes and eggs type of person or a hearty steak and eggs breakfast is more up your alley, you’ll be in breakfast heaven.

Oh good friends, good neighbors, we really think that you’re in for a treat with our steak house because it’s truly something special. Take a look at our menu and then come on in and see us. We’re on Bascom Avenue in Santa Jose and we can’t wait to hear what you think of what we’re offering!