Yes, friends and neighbors, you did read that right! Your favorite steakhouse in San Jose can cater your next big event. Chances are you’ve been by to enjoy a steak dinner and if you did, you’ve probably made it a point to swing back by on a regular basis.

Whether you fell in love with our awesome outdoor patios, the abundance of televisions (always playing your favorite games), or the ability to grill your own steak however you like it, you probably made it a point to return because of our skill in providing our customers with some of the best food on the planet.

The good news is that if you love our steakhouse, we’d be honored to cater your event to ensure that your guests get the same incredible food we’re known for in our restaurant! Keep reading to learn more.

Let Us Handle the Steak Dinner

One of the best things about having our steakhouse cater your big event is that we offer party trays and delivery so you can be sure that you have time to focus on the other things that are important. If you love Grill ‘Em, you’ll be thrilled to know that we put the same level of care and dedication into crafting your catering menu as we do in serving the guests when they visit our restaurant.

Here are a few events we can happily provide catering for:


If you’re getting married, you’re probably already thinking about what you want on the menu on your big day. And, of course, the last thing you want is to have a dried out steak and a soggy salad. You want your guests to be talking about how incredible the meal was for weeks after the event, right? Put your trust in Grill ‘Em and we’ll provide you with a meal to remember.

Work Parties

Maybe you’re a business owner in San Jose and you’d like to reward your employees for a job well done. What better way to make them feel appreciated than surprising everyone with a catered lunch? Whether it’s our Alfredo Linguine or Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, we’re sure your employees will appreciate it.

Housewarming Parties

Perhaps you’re a new homeowner. Congrats! If you’re throwing a housewarming party to invite your friends, family, and neighbors over, you shouldn’t have to worry about cooking for them as well. Let us make you some Short Rib Sandwiches, Chicken Tenders, or Potato Skins that your guests will love so you can spend more time entertaining and less time in the kitchen.

Check Out Our Full Catering Menu

If you’re a fan of our San Jose steakhouse, chances are you’ll love what you see on our catering menu. With so many great options, there’s something for everyone.

So go ahead and contact us today and we’ll make sure that your next event goes off without a hitch. Leave the food to us so you can worry about everything else, resting securely in the knowledge that your guests will love what’s on the menu!